Review Text Third Ed. Testimonial:
Christopher Hood, Jr., DPM

The latest ACFAOM [now ACPM] Review Text 3rd Edition is a great addition to the bookshelf of anyone in the field of podiatric medicine. The information is laid out in an outline format for each chapter, making it easy to find a particular topic quickly. Some of my favorite chapters include the sports medicine one, where pathologies are broken down by sport (ie, running, cycling, wrestling, ball sports, etc) and rheumatology, where conditions are broken down with all the pertinent information for either making or attempting to make a diagnosis (ie, clinical presentation, laboratory and radiographic findings, dermatological – skin/nail findings, and treatment options). In this layout, the book is a great resource for the podiatric student or the practicing clinician when a quick review of a topic is needed, whether right before an exam or in between patients. Further, having just taken my ABFAS Board Certification Exam for Computer Based Patient Simulation, I can say this textbook is a welcomed study resource.

The textbook covers all relevant topics that are board-question eligible in outline format, except for surgical technique. Through the outline format, the book gives the examinee a quick way to review high yield information and will serve as a springboard for more in-depth review that can be supplemented by other resources. Two example resources include the end of chapter of journal article references and study questions. These bonus items can be used, supplemented with a formal textbook or online lectures such as the NEW PRESENT Podiatry Board Review, to assess and achieve mastery of a topic. By utilizing all of these resources, the chapter Q&A acts as a great post-test to assess ones’ knowledge and to determine if further studying is required. When studying for a board exam, from resident in-service exams to board qualification and certification tests, one can never get enough relevant questions to test aptitude in the topic. With the quick outline format, the information is not overwhelming, and the book can be completely reviewed in just a few days.

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