Review Text Third Ed. Testimonial:
Marshall Solomon, DPM

As a podiatric residency director in a PMSR/RRA program I utilize the ACFAOM Review text as an integral part of my resident didactic education.

The review text provides an outstanding resource in core knowledge in podiatric medicine, medicine and biomechanics. The text chapters are concise and directed at both basic and advanced knowledge in 24 categories of podiatric medicine.

The review text is a perfect complement to our didactic programming and enhances the podiatric resident in preparation for the American Board of Podiatric Medicine qualification and certification examinations. My residents’ success in passing the ABPM Qualification and certification examination has been enhanced with utilization of the review text.

The third edition of the review text has a fresh updated design with increased content in scientific knowledge. Enhancements in the subject areas of imaging/radiology, biomechanics, foot orthoses & pedorthics, surgical criteria and complications, general medicine, infectious disease and wound care.

As a podiatric residency director, I have organized my lectures for my residents and clerks in biomechanics, surgical criteria and complications, wound care and biomechanical radiology utilizing the review text. It allows for organized and focused knowledge for my residents which increases both their clinical and surgical patient care.

I find that the review text provides a good review of clinical podiatric subject matter which increase knowledge and is an excellent resource for the podiatric practitioner. The third edition of the review text is an important resource for every podiatric physician and surgeon.

I feel that any physician who treats lower extremity pathology should have the third edition of the Review Text in Podiatric Orthopedics & Medicine to enhance their knowledge, skills, judgment and ultimately patient care.

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